samedi 20 juillet



Exploring the tension between maximal impact and subliminal experimentation, Fedele presents an uncompromising vision of modernist machine music. drawing on the edgy sonic tweaking of electro, the motorik thrust of tech no and complex emotional expression from his roots as a train ed violinist, his sound is dynamic, accompli shed and wholly occupying its own space within the scene.

Hailing from bari in southern italy, Fedele’s career to date has taken in every dimension of the global dance music megastructure, and vet his direction has always been focused on originality and sincerity. as a young local dj playing hip-hop, rnb and soul, on a voyage of discovery in the peak 00s years of minimal tech no and through to his position as an established international artist, the music gomes before everything else. his first steps as an active participant within the tech no scene came with the forming of agents of time -a trio committed to live, hardware-powered performance who signed releases to jennifer cardinl’s correspondant, maceo plex’s ellum audio, curle recordings and on their own obscura.

In a natural evolution, Fedele forged his own path away from the group, releasing his first solo works on tiga’s turbo label and retaining obscura as a platform for his own productions and those of kindred spirits sharing his creative vision. as obscura continues to evolve as a label, Fedele equally broadens the possibilities within his own work, maintaining close ties with plex and ellum audio, nurturing his more experimental electro tendencies as sharp felon and engaging in soundtrack work for alessandro piva’s documentary l0yearson. the core of his practice remains an intuitive connection to hardware-based production and performance -an expressive extension of his heart and soul transmitted through circuits and wires and out through the speakers.

As well as a producer and live act, Fedele is a prolific dj found in any of the significant, iconic parties vou might gare to mention from around the world. it’s telling that some of his many back­to-back experiences are with pioneering titans such as miss kittin and dj hell -artists whose sound chi mes with Fedele’s own, but crucially those who forged their own paths and set the tone for huge movements within electronic dance music.

As that calibre of artist makes their mark through conviction, individuality and perseverance, so Fedele is doing the same.

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